Benefits a Custom System From NWS Provides
NWS is unique in the industry because we integrate customized broadband networks using advanced, commercially available components. Since we do not manufacture the individual components, we can select the best technologies for a given application to give our customers superior performance in a cost-effective solution.

Our customers choose to own their organization's broadband network for the same reason they choose to own other business assets: more control.

Consider these advantages:
  • Property owners gain more control over the cost of key tenant services.
  • Academic institutions gain more control over how and where their community learns.
  • Hospitality businesses gain more control over their second largest revenue source.
  • Corporations gain more control over conferencing capabilities and travel costs.
A private system also gives you more programming options. For example, in areas not served by franchise cable, a privately owned network is a superior alternative to broadcast TV which may be limited to a few channels. A private network can also provide high speed Internet in areas otherwise limited to slow dial-up service.

There are also financial incentives to owning your system. For organizations willing to invest in a privately owned broadband network, the return on investment exceeds that which is available from a franchise system solution.