Milestones: (1984-Current)

Through the years NWS Communications has made some milestones both as a company and in the field of communication technologies. We take great pride in each project we take on, and are especially proud of the following accomplishments.

  • Contracted with Jiminy Peak Development Corporation in Hancock, Massachusetts to design and build a private cable television system for Beaver Pond Meadows, a condominium resort community. This system was built 12 years before deregulation in an area not serviced by any cable operator.

  • Builds private cable system for Marriott Castle Harbor Hotel in Bermuda.

  • Developed a Russian satellite tracking system for use in several Ivy League and other prestigious schools, including Brown, Columbia, Princeton, Dartmouth, Amherst, Smith, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire and the University of Massachusetts. Many other academic institutions followed suit.

  • Built the largest private cable system in the Northeast at the University of Massachusetts. Serving over 11,000 residential students, the system served more residences than the local cable provider.

  • Contracted with the State of Massachusetts to design a satellite-receive system for use throughout the Northeast. This design became an industry standard in distance learning networks throughout the Northeast. Individual installations served 350 school districts in Massachusetts and hundreds of school districts throughout the Northeast. The network was then expanded to 27 states and has won national recognition and awards from the USDLA (United States Distance Learning Association). The contract term was 10 years.

  • Built the first fiber-based broadband network for any college campus at Providence College. MediaOne coined "Broadband is the Way" in 1997, six years after NWS built the Providence College broadband network. Today, the network is the core of the academic and residential life information network; over the years it has been expanded to allow Campus Security to better integrate surveillance systems for increased campus safety.

  • Contracts as a commercial programming provider for the newly introduced DirecTV.

  • Contracts as a commercial programming provider for the newly introduced Dish Network.

  • Develops and builds the first 2 GHz plant for a large MDU management company in Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Constructs numerous broadband networks for privately and publicly owned companies at residential communities across the U.S., totaling 8,732 doors passed.

  • Developed an innovative IPTV (television via internet) system for 4,000 Westpoint Military Academy cadets.

  • Provided a custom fiber-to-the-desktop solution in a highly controlled environment for the Office of Naval Intelligence, Washington D.C.

  • Partnered with a fiber optic manufacturer to engineer, develop and bring to market a unique 2Ghz fiber optic receiver with very robust (-10 dBm) link budget which increased the efficiency of virtually any single-mode RF forward video transmitter on the market today.

  • Designed, integrated, tested and implemented a complete 110 channel broadband network to serve the Eielson AFB in Fairbanks, Alaska within a very short completion timeline of less than 2 months (completed April 15, 2005).

  • Designed and installed a 65 channel headend and HFC (hybrid fiber coax) distribution network at Colorado State University. Project was completed in 35 days.

  • Designed, installed and currently operating 7 separate headends at 7 bases providing FTTX, HFC distribution networks to service the Commander Navy Region Southwest in San Diego, CA.

  • Command Broadband launches Wi-Fi and Fixed Commercial Business class data services to Greater San Diego Navy Installation.